Carey Mulligan is "freaking out" about meeting Jay-Z.

The actress stars alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby, Baz Luhrmann's contemporary take on the classic tale.

Rapper Jay-Z has produced the soundtrack for the film and Carey is already anticipating their first meeting.

"I've been told he might come to the premiere, and I'm freaking out," she excitedly told MTV News.

"Because he's the one person I'm going to meet and have no idea how to talk to. I've never met him. I'm genuinely nervous already. He's just this huge, like, genius. And I never in a million years thought I'd be in a Baz Luhrmann film with Leonardo DiCaprio, but with a soundtrack by Jay-Z? Yeah, it's pretty amazing."

Baz is using modern music to bring The Great Gatsby - which is set in the 1920s - up to date.

A series of artists have contributed to the soundtrack including Beyoncé Knowles, Florence and the Machine and Lana Del Rey, with the latter two particularly catching Carey's attention.

"The Florence song, as well. That song is amazing," she gushed.

"I love both of those songs, and the Lana Del Rey song is beautiful. I heard them for the first time in the trailer. I've only seen the trailer once or twice, and they both just run in my head all the time. They're amazing."

The Great Gatsby will open the Cannes Film Festival next month.