Jason Derülo says it just takes "one little kiss" to change a relationship.

The American singer-songwriter's new single, The Other Side, explores the situation where people want more from a platonic relationship.

In a radio interview today, 23-year-old Jason said these kinds of relationships can be altered in an instant.

"It's just that little moment," he told the Kyle and Jackie O Show on Australia's 2DayFM. "Sometimes it takes that one little embrace, that one little kiss or that one little drink to change everything."

Jason is currently in a relationship with fellow American singer Jordin Sparks, also 23, who got her big break on American Idol. The pair were also friends before they became lovers.

Jason added that there are a few techniques that can be used to let a friend know you are interested in romance.

"One thing you could do, like during conversation, just like little touches here and there," he said. "A good little whisper in the ear never hurt nobody."

Jason and Jordin began dating in 2011. In a new interview in Life & Style magazine, Jordin hinted she is now ready to marry her beau.

“I was never a girl who dreamed about my wedding since I was little,” Jordin said. “But since I knew that I was totally and completely in love with [Jason], now when I see things, it's different. It wasn't until we got together that I started seeing it. That's how I knew he was the one!"