The death of Divinyl’s singer Chrissy Amphlett on Monday has sent Divinyl’s ‘Essential’ album back into the iTunes Top 10 in Australia.

Chrissy lost her battle with breast cancer on Monday at the age 53.

‘Essential’ by Divinyls, originally released in 1991, is currently number 10 on the iTunes chart and went to number one on news of Chrissy’s passing.

The ‘Essential’ album was a 12-song snap-shot of the greatest hits of Divinyls including ‘Pleasure and Pain’, ‘Back To The Wall’, ‘Boys In Town’ and ‘I’ll Make You Happy’.

‘Essential’ covered the music from the first three Divinyls albums ‘Desperate’ (1983), ‘What A Life!’ (1985) and ‘Temperamental’ (1988) as well as ‘Boys In Town’ and ‘Only Lonely’ from the 1981 Monkey Grip soundtrack.

Divinyl’s ‘Pleasure and Pain’, ‘I Touch Myself’ and ‘Boys In Town’ are currently in the iTunes singles chart.

Chrissy will be farewelled by family and close friends in a private service in New York this Sunday.

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