Ke$ha reveals she and Pitbull’s tour plans came about while they were “talking hypotheticals”.

The Tik Tok hitmaker is joining forces with the I Know You Want Me rapper for a trek across the US and Canada.

The pair will launch the 20-date tour in Boston, Massachusetts on May 23 and wrap it up on June 28 in Tampa, Florida.

Ke$ha recalls how the unlikely tour mates decided to travel together.

"One day, [Pitbull and I] were backstage, drinking tequila, kind of f**king around, and we're talking hypotheticals 'We should go on tour together; I'll sing a song in Spanish, how about that?' And he said 'Okay,'" she told MTV News. "And then, like a month later, it happened in real life ... so, how's it going to work? I have no f**king idea! But is it going to be fun? Yeah. F**k yeah."

Ke$ha has a deep affinity for her good friend Pitbull.

After getting to know him, she recognises how much they have in common.

"I think that the reason I decided to tour with Pitbull is because we've worked together, and the first time we met, we had a very cool thing happening, but I was like 'Aw, I'll never see him again.' And then I kept on seeing him!" she said. "And the more we saw each other, the more we got along, and I realised that actually, we're incredibly similar; he just likes to have a good time and he's a super positive person, and I'm a really positive person who likes to get weird and wild."