Justin Bieber has voiced his annoyance over the negative reports surrounding him.

The Canadian superstar hit headlines today after it emerged his tour bus had allegedly been raided by police looking for drugs.

Swedish officials reportedly searched Justin's vehicle in Stockholm on Wednesday on suspicion that there was marijuana on board. They allegedly uncovered a "small amount" of the illegal drug in the vehicle, along with a stun gun – which requires a permit.

Meanwhile, recent reports suggest the 19-year-old singer is "gaining a reputation" for being difficult to work with after allegedly throwing a tantrum on the set of a fragrance shoot in Denmark.

Justin took to Twitter today to speak out on the claims - maintaining the stories will not break his career focus.

"some of the rumors about me....where do people even get this stuff. whatever...back to the music (sic)," he wrote.

Justin's manager Scooter Braun also seemingly weighed in on the speculation, posting a cryptic quote on the social networking site.

"'A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.'

~Winston Churchill (sic)," he added.

Justin is currently on the Scandinavian leg of his world tour and will finish up in Helsinki on Friday. The star was recently accused of losing his temper whilst working on a fragrance photoshoot in Denmark.

“After showing up six hours late, Justin threw a temper tantrum because they wanted him to wear a bell boy hat, but he refused. This kid is quickly is quickly getting a reputation as someone that no one wants to work with. It was disgraceful," a source explained.

It has also been claimed Justin was rude to restaurant staff while dining with on-off girlfriend Selena Gomez.

The star apparently "couldn't be bothered" to tip the waiter, even though their meal was complimentary.

“It was very low class and just disrespectful. Selena acted like a true lady, but Justin acted like an entitled punk," the source added.

A host of stars have criticised the treatment Justin has received over the past few weeks - stemming from his stay in the UK where his tour was fraught with bad press.

Michael Bublé revealed he is a "fan of the way he handles himself," adding: "They should give him a medal for smoking a joint; it made him human - he's just a kid."

Will Smith recently revealed he thinks there is an unfair agenda against young acts like Justin.

"We think it hugely important to support artists, young artists specifically. There's really a war against that kind of artistry, that kind of creation, and against youth," he said.