Pete Wentz is impressed with his son’s expansive musical tastes.

The 33-year-old Fall Out Boy rocker shares four-year-old Bronx with his ex-wife Ashlee Simpson.

Pete is entertained by his inquisitive little boy and supports Bronx’s pursuit of knowledge.

"He likes a lot of Bob Marley," the musician revealed on KIIS FM’s On Air with Ryan Seacrest radio show.

"He's definitely very opinionated. He will tell me if he wants to listen to a song or if he doesn't want to listen to a song, but mostly on the way to school, it's a lot of questions. I was reading the other day [that] four-year-olds ask about 400 or 500 questions a day, and that's pretty close -- we do about 200 before 9am."

Pete’s former sister-in-law Jessica Simpson gave birth to her first child last year, a daughter named Maxwell.

Apparently the cousins are getting along swimmingly.

"Bronx definitely hangs out with Maxwell," Bronx detailed. "He loves having a cousin...He likes being the big cousin, like being the big boy in the room, so that's fun."

Pete is appreciative of how fatherhood has impacted his life.

He hopes to expand his brood one day.

"I love being a dad," Pete gushed. "I don't see more kids in my immediate future, but [definitely] in my future. I think it's brought out a really great side of me and how I feel and how I interact with the world. It's made me a more positive person, so I definitely would like more."