Kat Von D’s wedding to Deadmau5 will be “the furthest thing from traditional”.

The 31-year-old tattoo artist and the 32-year-old Canadian electronic musician are due to go down the aisle August 10.

Kat revealed to People magazine the ceremony will be “underwater-themed”. Only 200 of their closest friends and family will be in attendance.

The aquatic ambience was inspired by their mutual love for author H.P. Lovecraft’s short story The Call of Cthulhu. The piece is about a man who is part human and half octopus.

“[It will be] the furthest thing from traditional,” Kat confirmed to the publication.

The food and decorations will be coloured blue and green.

Performers at the event will be in mermaid costume.

Kat’s own wedding gown will be particularly unique.

The star is breaking tradition by allowing Deadmau5 to help design the frock.

"It will have a sleek silhouette and include hints of iridescent teals, blues and deep violet ombré gradients," she described. "I didn't know the dress was supposed to be a surprise.”

Kat can’t wait to be Deadmau5’s spouse.

She sees a bright future in their union.

"Being with Joel is the only thing that feels more natural than tattooing," she gushed.

"Our wedding is merely a celebration of that love and commitment we live in already."

Kat and Deadmau5 confirmed they were a couple in September 2012. They split briefly in December and then became engaged the same month.

The relationship was Kat’s first since parting ways with Sandra Bullock’s ex-husband Jesse James. Following two break-ups with Jesse in 2011 and rumours that he had cheated on her, Kat became celibate before dating the DJ.