Ke$ha says Harry Styles is her "cougar bait".

The outspoken singer has previously spoken about her fondness for the 19-year-old One Direction star, calling him "pretty cute". While attending the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, Ke$ha revealed she has been exchanging messages with the heartthrob.

"We've texted here and there," she told E! Online. "No sexting - not yet. Maybe he can be my cougar bait."

Ke$ha is 26, which makes her seven years older than the floppy haired youngster. Harry has a reputation for liking older woman and previously dated 23-year-old singer Taylor Swift.

"It could be really fun," Ke$ha hinted. "Yeah [I think he does resemble a young Mick Jagger] a little bit in the mouth."

The Die Young hitmaker is starring in her own reality show Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life. The series premieres on MTV on April 23, and the controversial star explained more about what the show will reveal.

"There's me making out with dudes, me crying, me onstage and me offstage," Ke$ha said. "You see me with no make-up, with no glam, no bra. It's real, and it's raw."

The openly bisexual singer doesn't seem to be committed to Harry just yet. She was spotted romancing a pretty young lady at Roosterfish Bar in Venice, California, last week. According to eyewitness reports Ke$ha “stayed very close” to her cute female date throughout the evening.

“It was definitely more than two friends checking out a gay bar - Ke$ha was very comfortable. They were totally into each other and stayed very close together,” a source told Radar Online.

“When Michael Jackson’s song Man in the Mirror started playing on the juke box Ke$ha grabbed her date and pulled her to the middle of the crowded bar and started dirty dancing with her.”