Annie Lennox has followed up on her blog from yesterday in which she articulately described Britain under the iron rule of Margaret Thatcher.

The comments generated a negative reaction from the pro-Thatcher fans who then verbally attacked Lennox at her blog.

Annie has followed up in her personal blog to defend her comments and opinions on the late Margaret Thatcher. The post is in response to her writings from Wednesday.

Lennox reacts to the many comments that were left including those that were respectful and many that were insulting. She also criticizes street parties being held to celebrate the former Prime Minister’s death.

Annie wrote in her blog:

Yesterday’s blog only served to illustrate the main essence of it’s message…that Margaret Thatcher was a political leader who provoked powerfully polarised responses.

To those of you who wrote intelligently and respectfully…It’s always interesting to read viewpoints from both sides.

A blog is a platform where you can write all manner of things. In a free country we all have the right to do that, but offensive comments have been (and will continue to be deleted).

To the “shut up and sing” contingency…Why are you reading my blog?

From my perspective, the blog was well balanced, and I was very glad to see that so many of you commented on that.

Additionally…Needless to say, I find these so called street parties somewhat revolting, whilst understanding that they represent an ugly side of the radical reactions some people are expressing.

I genuinely hope that the service goes off peacefully, with as few disturbances as possible.

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