Bob Seger did a wide-ranging interview with Gary Graff of the Oakland Press recently, touching on subjects like his new album and possible retirement.

Seger is on the road through the mid-May but is looking towards the end of summer and the release of his next studio album, his first since 2006Œs Face the Promise. gI think I can soundly say Ifve got two-thirds of it done, virtually done,h he told Graff. gIfm going to pare it down to eight songs and then figure out what I still need and then try to write the songs that will best complement those eight. Thatfs what Ifm gonna start doing May 12. Ifll go right into writing after that.

gIfve told Capitol (Records) I want this out at the end of August, and they said, eOK.f So hopefully I can turn everything in Aug. 1 and have it come out at the end of August.h

As far as the future, the 68-year-old says that retirement has entered his mind. gI wouldnft say Ifm in the planning stages of retiring, but Ifm wide open to it now, and I donft know how much more there is to prove.

gI wouldnft mind putting out one more record, one last swan song. Thatfs all Ifm concerned with right now is trying to make that as good as it can be, and then wefll look at everything else and play it by ear. Ifve had a great career, yfknow? Itfs been a great run. I donft want to overstay my welcome.h

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