Nicki Minaj would rather "go to bed" than make a music promo.

The singer has just released the steamy video for her new single High School, featuring Lil Wayne.

Nicki denied getting glammed up to shoot such sequences is enjoyable, insisting she'd much rather be doing something else.

"If I was a guy I'd love shooting a video, you just change your clothes and shoot it, but being a female, you don't," Nicki confessed to BBC Radio 1. "Sometimes I'm shooting a video and standing there for ten hours with my make-up on and it's not the best feeling in the world. Often I just want to wash my face and go to bed."

In the video for High School Nicki plays a drug lord’s girlfriend who attempts to steal Lil Wayne’s character’s valuable jewels.

Before the heist unfurls, Nicki and Wayne feature in a love scene in which they come close to sharing a passionate kiss.

Nicki, who is signed to the rapper’s record label Young Money Entertainment, described what it was like getting up close and personal with her boss.

"Oh my goodness I [have] worked like that in every video I've done before, but not with him, not like that," she said. "This song is the first time it can be all about us and we have our own chemistry in the video. I asked him to play my love interest he said yes and I was freaking out."

Nicki denied the moment was intimate and claimed High School isn't a raunchy promo.

However, having Lil Wayne as her love interest was a strange experience.

"It's not really raunchy maybe it's sexy, but it's not raunchy, it feels more like a movie. It feels very artsy, like lots of pictures in it and stuff," she explained. "No, it wasn't a normal video for me, but he's such a jokester, he made me laugh all the time."