Kelly Rowland found it "very weird" when Jamie Foxx flirted with her on live TV.

Jamie admitted he had the hots for Kelly earlier this year, choosing to talk about his crush during a live interview with the singer. It was later reported that the pair were planning to meet up, but Kelly has insisted Jamie was just joking around for the cameras.

"That was very weird. That’s my buddy. I love Jamie. We’re actually going to do a film together. That’s actually what he was getting at - the film," she told radio station Shade 45.

The star didn't elaborate on the movie she has in the pipeline.

She was happy to talk about her new music though. Her record Talk a Good Game is slated for release in June and the single Ice has already been made public. It features Lil Wayne, who has hit the headlines recently after he was hospitalised for seizures. He's since announced he suffers from epilepsy and has convulsions when he doesn't look after himself properly.

Kelly worries the hip-hop star works too hard and doesn't make enough time for himself.

"It’s really hard for somebody to pull you out of a space or a zone. I’ve seen Wayne in the studio, I’ve seen how late this man stays up, I’ve seen how passionate he is, and I remember us just being in the studio talking till about five or six in the morning," she explained. "But he does this all the time. He works so hard and sometimes somebody’s gotta tell you to chill or you gotta tell yourself to chill."

Kelly rose to fame in Destiny's Child, alongside Beyoncé Knowles and Michelle Williams. The trio reunited on stage at this year's Super Bowl and there is speculation they might be planning a tour too. While Kelly quashed those rumours, she defended Beyoncé's new track Bow Down - which has been slammed by some. In the song the star compares herself to royalty and seemingly claims she is the best vocalist around, which has irritated some.

"She is an artist. She is allowed to express herself however she wants and I think that there’s nothing wrong with that," Kelly insisted. "I also know, because that is my sister, I have heard everything else on the record. I’m just excited for what she has in store for her fans. I think that’s what’s so beautiful about B is she always wants to make sure she has something special for her fans and I can’t wait till they hear all of that."