Smokey Robinson has been signed by the legendary Verve label by its chairman, David Foster, and is preparing his 29th career album in the form of a duets set.

The album, which will be out at the end of the year, features Robinson performing his greatest hits with the help of a number of both contemporary and veteran artists. Not only will all the chosen songs be Smokeyfs best from his 50-plus year career but every tune will also be one that Robinson wrote.

gIfm really excited about signing with Verve Music Group to release this upcoming album,h said Smokey Robinson . gNot only do I have a musical history with the guys involved, but a longstanding friendship as well. Ifm looking forward to bringing our talents to the table as we collaborate on this project.h

gFrom the early 60Œs to this very day, you can turn on a radio anywhere in the world and hear his music,h said David Foster , Verve Music Group Chairman. h Smokey Robinson es contributions to the world of music as a performer, producer and songwriter are nothing short of a emiraclef. Ifm so pleased to welcome Smokey to the Verve Music Group family. Wefre looking forward to a great collaboration worthy of the legacy of this great label.h

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