The Victoria and Albert Museum in London is currently hosting an exhibition featuring items from the David Bowie Archive.

The show, which runs through August 11, includes over 300 items from throughout Bowie’s career, including handwritten lyrics, costumes, fashion, photography, film, music, set designs and many other objects. A special weekend, starting Friday April 26, will also include numerous workshops, film presentations and other events.

Digital Arts channel The Space has put together five short films on Bowie and the exhibition which are available on their website. Insight is provided by the curators of the exhibition, Victoria Broackes and Geoffrey Marsh, music journalist Paul Morley as well as film maker Alan Yentob.

The five films in the series:

Exhibition Overview – With Victoria Broackes
Bowie in Berlin – Paul Morley on Bowie’s career-shaping years in Berlin.
Cracked Actor – On a 1975 following Bowie on his Diamond Dogs tour
Space Oddity – Geoffrey Marsh on Bowie’s creative landscape
David Bowie Is… – How the exhibition go its name and Bowie’s artistic changes over the years

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