Chris Brown has broken up with pop star girlfriend Rihanna.

The singer confirmed he and his on-again-off-again love have split after a turbulent relationship which saw Chris get convicted for assault on Rihanna after she was battered by him in February 2009.

When asked if they were still together on an American radio programme on Friday, Chris confessed they weren’t an item any longer.

“Uh no – that’s the short answer,” he told Power 106’s morning show.

The pair continue to work together on a professional basis though.

Chris appears on Rihanna’s album Unapologetic and she is featuring on his new release.

“Right now, I have a couple songs that I wrote for her album and mine that she’s featured on,” he confirmed. “The song’s called Put It Up.”

Chris revealed he hasn’t quite made peace with his music rival and Rihanna’s former flame Drake, with whom he got into an altercation with at a New York nightclub last year.

However he had positive things to say about the star’s work and said there is no ongoing feud.

“It’s not entertainment for me. It’s just more of me being real, saying what I gotta say. I ain’t out here trying to go at him, I ain’t got people after him,” Chris clarified.

“I have my differences and he has his. His music’s still hot.”

It seems the 23-year-old, who is known for his quick temper, may have turned over a new leaf.

He also spoke on air about his admiration for singer Frank Ocean whom he had a fight with recently.

“Some stuff went down, but it’s whatever,” Chris said brushing off their disagreement.

“I got respect for his music. Everything for me is moving forward.”