The house in Los Angeles that George Harrison wrote the song ‘Blue Jay Way’ about has sold for $3.8 million after nearly a year on the market.

“There’s a fog upon L.A./and my friends have lost their way” the song featured on Magical Mystery Tour began. ‘Sitting here in Blue Jay Way/Please don’t be long please don’t you be very long,’ George sang.

Beatles historian Steve Marinucci reports for The Examiner that the house was placed on the market for $4,599,000 last April and finally sold this week.

1567 Blue Jay Way is in the Sunset Strip area of West Hollywood.

Marinucci writes that back in the 60s the house was owned by a music lawyer and was empty at the time so the lawyer allowed George Harrison and his wife Pattie, Neil Aspinall and Magic Alex Madras to stay there.

The friend who lost his way was Beatles publicist Derek Taylor who got lost trying to find the place.

The song was included in The Beatles movie ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ and album and EP in 1967.

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