Keith Urban is hesitant to criticise contestants on American Idol because he’s afraid of humiliating them.

The 45-year-old country music star has endured his fair share of critics on his rise to fame.

Now the Grammy-winner is doling out critique on television singing competition American Idol alongside fellow judges Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey and music producer Randy Jackson.

But Keith finds it challenging to do his job because he doesn’t want to crush the dreams of young hopefuls.

"It is not easy for us a lot of the time because we are just coming from a different place,” he told America’s People magazine.

Producers of the show have been accused in the past of urging judges to create drama by being insensitive to contestants.

Keith does his best to come from a more helpful place.

“We're artists talking to a young artist on camera in front of millions of people, trying to give constructive criticism in a way that doesn't humiliate them. I don't ever want to humiliate somebody,” he argued.

The singer admits there are times when he could be a little more tough.

But he competed in television competitions himself in his native Australia and he’s not sure even he could hack it as a contestant on Idol.

"The very first thing you are going to do on this show is walk into a room, see the four of us, and have to sing with no band, no microphone, no nothing," he continued. "No other show does that. That has got to be tough. I don't know that I could do it."