Keith Urban has been working on new music constantly in recent weeks.

The Australian country crooner and American Idol judge hasn’t released an album since his 2010 record Get Closer.
Apparently a new body of music is just around the corner.

"I've been here [in Nashville] for the last four days, in the studio every day, back in again today. Then I leave to head back out to L.A. tomorrow,” Keith told USA Today.

"It's taking a long time, mostly because I'm working with people I've never worked with before. Most of the length of time on this record has been, simply, people's schedules, and not just my own. When you work with one producer, you can block out your time and your album's finished. Working with various people, I've been at the mercy of [lining up] everybody else's schedules and mine."

Although the forthcoming album won’t be complete by the time his Light the Fuse Tour commences, Keith reveals that fans will likely hear new music at the shows.

"Even if the record is not out at the beginning of the tour, we will be doing songs off the new album on the tour,” he explained.

“So, in a strange happening, we may end up playing songs that people haven't heard yet. So the first time you'll hear them will be live."

Keith will ensure his concerts are as intimate as possible.

He hopes to develop a sense of community with concertgoers.

"I love playing indoors. I hate being at the mercy of the weather. There's something about having guitars stay in tune. The arenas have been a good setting for that,” Keith said.

"I've always been a big fan of one roof over everybody. I just feel like there's so much commonality that we're all under one roof.”

The American leg of the tour will kick off July 18 at the Riverbend Music Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.