Royal Court Liverpool are bringing back one of their most successful shows of recent times with a brand new star name. John Power (The La’s, Cast) will be making his theatrical debut in Bob Eaton’s fantastic musical – Lennon.

The show follows Lennon’s life from Woolton Church Fete to New York, stopping off in Hamburg and The Cavern along the way. All of the major players in the Beatle’s life appear, from his upbringing with Aunt Mimi to his later life with Yoko Ono.

Packed with the music of Lennon and McCartney there are more than 40 hit songs that drive the show from beginning to end. Amongst many others the hits include: All You Need Is Love, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, In My Life, Hard Days Night and, of course, Imagine.

John Power will be taking on the role of the older Lennon, who acts as the show’s narrator. Growing up near Penny Lane, Power went to the same schools as Lennon (Dovedale and Quarry Bank) before becoming a key member of the band The La’s (Way Out, There She Goes). He then went on to form Cast who had huge Britpop success with hits such as “Alright”, “Sandstorm” and “Walkaway”. The band split in 2001 but recently reformed and released their much anticipated fifth album “Troubled Times” in 2012.

The role will be a big step for the charismatic front man and one that he is relishing:
“Well Lennon's a hero, and when they asked me they seemed to want to talk more about
capturing the spirit of Lennon than just trying to imitate him, which seemed to make more sense. I don't profess to be an actor but I am looking forward to the whole experience and who better a role to play than Lennon'”

The show will be back at The Royal Court following on from a successful run in 2010. Prior to that the show had not been performed in the city since its original run at The Everyman in 1982, from where it went to off Broadway and then back to London’s West End.

The show begins over August Bank Holiday Weekend which will be the first Liverpool International Music Festival. The Royal Court are currently in discussions with curator Yaw Osuwu to see how Lennon can be a part of the Festival.