Celebrating the launch of the Converse Chuck Taylor Well Worn collection, this gig series is a celebration of the manifesto “Shoes Keep It Clean, Sneakers Get Dirty,” the uncompromising mindset of throwing yourself in headfirst and resurfacing with the marks and scuffs that prove it. The three nights shine the spotlight on the bands that work hardest to bring their music to the world and the fans that go to any lengths to get hold of it.

The first night features The Cribs, who from humble beginnings in Wakefield have worked the margins of UK rock music to become perhaps Britain’s best-loved cult band.

Taking things across the Atlantic on the second night are two rappers who have managed to balance uncompromising loyalty to the underground with huge international success. Doom worked the hard road to recognition in the 90s with KMD, and his own solo work as a prolific producer and MC. He’s since blown up internationally including albums with Dangermouse and Madlib, plus guest spots with everyone from Gorillaz to Thom Yorke.

Ghostface Killah is known for his place in independent hip-hop originators Wu Tang Clan, but his subsequent solo career has been laden with highlights, not least his collaboration with Doom himself. Having these two fiercely independent MCs on one stage is a rare event, not to be missed.

The series is closed by Gallows, underground heroes from a completely different musical landscape once again. Characterised by visceral energy and biting social commentary both on stage and on record, anything goes at a Gallows show. They are a band who do things on their own terms, founding their own label to release their music and controlling every aspect of the artistic process with a drive and focus that is as daunting as it is inspirational.