Liam Payne’s jealous fans have threatened to take the life of his new puppy.

The 19-year-old One Direction singer and his girlfriend of two years Danielle Peazer announced the new arrival via Twitter over the weekend.

The couple were elated to welcome the dog.

“Everybody meet mine and @daniellepeazer new dog Loki :)” Liam tweeted, with Danielle writing, “The new love of mine and @Real_Liam_Payne’s life...”

Envious fanatics expressed their desire to destroy the puppy after reading the post.

Liam and Danielle briefly split last year and their romance seems to be solidified by purchasing a pet together.

Apparently this sparked extreme upset in some of the pair’s followers.

“I am outraged and appalled f**king loki the dog! that dog aint nothing but the scum on my shoe. @Real_Liam_Payne @DaniellePeazer the dog is not going to see tomorrow if i can help it.. (sic)” an irate fan tweeted.

Another person created the hashtag “#dieloki” to demonstrate wrath against the beloved animal.

“I’ll kill that dog #iswear.” the #dieloki hastag creator penned.

Others developed gruesome plans together on how to murder Loki.

“Let’s kill him!” one person said with a supporter adding, “Gun? Knife?”

“Knife! We don’t have guns,” was the reply.

Not all of Liam’s fans loathe the dog.

“Please don’t send hate :(” one kindhearted fan wrote in defence of the sweet pup.