Green Day slipped Guns N’ Roses’ classic ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ and AC/DC’s ‘Highway To Hell’ into their Austin setlist on Friday night.

Green Day where in Texas to showcase at SXSW and show the world that singer Billie Joe Armstrong was back in action after his recent 21st century breakdown.

The band was about to embark on a world tour towards the end of last year when Armstrong broke down and had to undergo drug rehabilitation. The unfortunate timing came just as Green Day was about to release their trilogy of albums ‘Uno’, ‘Dos’ and ‘Tre’.

Armstrong has now recovered and Green Day used the SXSW music conference to premiere two movies ‘Cuatro’ and ‘Broadway Idiot’.

On Friday night they performed at Austin’s ACL Moody Theater.

The setlist for Green Day on March 15 in Austin was:

99 Revolutions (from Tre, 2012)
Know Your Enemy (from 21st Century Breakdown, 2009)
Stay The Night (from Uno, 2012)
Stop When The Red Lights Flash (from Dos, 2012)
Letterbomb (from American Idiot, 2004)
Stray Heart (from Dos, 2012)
Oh Love (from Uno, 2012)
Holiday (from American Idiot, 2004)
Boulevard of Broken Dreams (from American Idiot, 2004)
Burnout (from Dookie, 1994)
Welcome To Paradise (from Dookie, 1994)
Christie Road (from Kerplunk, 1992)
Coming Clean (from Dookie, 1994)
Disappearing Boy (from 39/Smooth, 1990)
Sweet Child O’ Mine/Highway To Hell (Guns N Roses/AC/DC covers)
Brian Stew (from Insomniac, 1995)
St Jimmy (from American Idiot, 2004)
Longview (from Dookie, 1994)
Basket Case (from Dookie, 1994)
She (from Dookie, 1994)
King For A Day/Shout/Stand By Me/Hey Jude (covers)
X-Kid (from Tre, 2012)
Minority (from Warning, 2000)

American Idiot (from American Idiot, 2004)
Jesus of Suburbia (from American Idiot, 2004)
Brutal Love (from Tre, 2012)