Bruce Willis would have loved to have co-starred with "fabulous" Justin Bieber in his new movie.

The 57-year-old action star is currently promoting Red 2, which sees him reprise the role of high-tech assassin Frank Moses.

Despite his hardman reputation, Bruce would have relished the chance to work alongside teen pop sensation Justin on the action-packed crime film.

"We would have loved to have him in [the movie]," he told ET Online after going off on a tangent. "I like that guy. He's very talented. Who doesn't like Justin Bieber? Come on. He's fabulous. He's great. I like his new hairdo."

Dame Helen Mirren also returns for the sequel as former agent Victoria and insists the male-dominated set didn't make for an uncomfortable experience.

The British actress - whose co-stars also include John Malkovich and Sir Anthony Hopkins - joked that Bruce isn't quite as macho as he makes out.

"I know they look very butch, but they're not actually," she smiled in the interview.

"They've all got a nice feminine side to them... as good actors incidentally always do. Good actors are always a nice mixture of male and female. So, I think that they all have that nice mix."

Actress Mary-Louise Parker added: "Bruce Willis has such a macho image, and it's so funny because, to me, he's so sweet. He's such a good father and he's so invested in his daughters and that comes before everything. He completely changes if you ask him about one of his daughters."