Mumford & Sons have a group hug before going out on stage.

The British band, consisting of Marcus Mumford, Winston Marshall, Ben Lovett and Ted Dwane, has found fames thanks to catchy songs such as I Will Wait.

The men are currently busy with their tour and have developed certain rituals before heading out to face the crowds.

"We meet about quarter of an hour before going on stage; we sing together, hug each other and have a drink," Ted explained to German magazine Freundin.

The tour takes them out of the UK to countries such as Italy and France, before finishing in the US in September 2013.

The musicians have learnt to pack light for their travels.

"[I take] a wash-bag, toothpaste and books," Marcus said of his must-haves.

Ted added: "[I take] a small, portable guitar, my camera, underwear and my granddad's signet ring. I have no idea how old the ring is. I'll have to ask my mom some time."

Mumford & Sons have had a great year, taking home two Grammys and a BRIT Award for best British group.

The lads are grateful they get to play live music and have certain favourites when it comes to performing.

"It constantly changes. I love Lover of the Light because I get to play the drums with that one," Marcus smiled.

"I love all of them. One time, my parents were at one of our concerts and when we played Timshell, I sang it just for them. I love special moments like that," Ted revealed.

The group is known for its catchy tunes and honest lyrics.

Luckily, they find inspiration in a lot of different places, meaning they won't be running out of material any time soon.

"Experiences, conversations, things we hear or read, travelling, places. And I get a lot of inspiration when I'm in the country. In Tibet, for example. I find it easiest to relax when I'm in the country. We wake up in the city every day, play concerts there and we've done that for six years now," Marcus revealed.

The boys joked fans can expect a new album in the "next ten years" and revealed their goal is to keep producing new tracks.