Carrie Underwood's husband has installed cameras in her car because she's such a bad driver.

The American Idol star is married to hockey player Mike Fisher, who worries about her safety because she is so bad behind the wheel. Mike has taken drastic steps to ensure his spouse stays safe.

"Am I good driver? No. I've never had… knock on wood [searches for a bit of wood]… knock on something… I've never had a wreck, but I kind of bump into things a lot. My husband has had backup cameras installed on my car. I had to get him to replace the bumper because I backed into a telephone pole. I'm that kind of driver," she laughed to British newspaper The Guardian.

Carrie and Mike are both proud of their career achievements. They don't like to be boastful though, so have a room in their home dedicated to awards and other paraphernalia.

"I have a piano room in my house. That was one of the treats I got myself – I just wanted a fabulous piano. So I have plaques and things in there," she explained. "I don't want them all over my house because that would be… People would be like, 'Boy, she likes herself doesn't she?' My husband plays hockey professionally so he's got jerseys and stuff in there too."

Carrie, 30, was raised on a farm in Oklahoma and her upbringing had a huge effect on her. She is a vegetarian because she found watching animals die so hard, explaining the cows used to "cry" for each other when one of them was taken away.

The star reacted with horror when quizzed on whether she'd rather take a single bite of meat or quit singing for good.

"Oh no. One beef burger? I don't know. I can't imagine myself ever being put in that situation. Can it just be a bite? Maybe I could do that. Maybe. But I'd feel really bad about it," she said.