Thom Yorke will visit Poznañ for the second time, again at the invitation of Malta Festival Poznañ. He was here four years ago with Radiohead. Now, together with friends of his new band, he will perform at the first European tour promoting the debut record of ATOMS FOR PEACE– 'Amok'.

The line-up of ATOMS FOR PEACE consists of Yorke and Flea, as well as Radiohead’s long-term producer, Nigel Godrich (keyboard and synthesisers), drummer Joey Waronker known for his collaboration with among others Beck and R.E.M., and Brazilian multi-instrumentalist Mauro Refosco (percussion) who played with David Byrne and Brian Eno. The musicians met at the end of 2009 – at the request of Yorke, who wanted to present songs from his solo album 'The Eraser' live. Already during the first performance, the band played 'Judge, Jury, and Executioner', called by Yorke the first joint song of ATOMS FOR PEACE. In September 2011, news was released on the record being a work in progress, and a year later the ‘Atoms’ released the 'Default' single on iTunes.

Before that Malta Festival Poznañ will present one of the few bands who have made a revolutionary change in modern music KRAFTWERK. From 2005, when they were invited to the Venice Biennale, they have realised several of their projects in the context of visual arts. The crowning success in this matter was last year’s retrospective of their work at the MoMA in New York, featuring eight 3D concerts presenting the audio and video material from the group’s eight studio albums. In February 2013, the project was presented at Tate Modern in London. The concert
at Malta Festival Poznañ, which will take place in the Old Gasworks, will be an open-air, full-length event, lasting about 2 hours, adaptation of these shows.