David Lee Roth leaked the news on Monday that Van Halen would be playing a lengthy tour of Europe this year.

The singer was appearing on the Opie and Anthony Show on SiriusXM Radio when he said "We’re going to be playing Europe, probably 50-60 shows outside of the United States starting at the end of this year and then come back around the US. Van Halen is kind of pure and uncut kind of music; it's leads, bass, drums and howling at the moon. It's a little bit like getting drunk on shots of really good Kentucky bourbon. You'll have a great night but you won't want to see us again in three years."

The band has one date in the U.S. set for this year, on July 20 at the Rock USA Festival at Ford Festival Park in Oshkosh, WI. They also have an April 20 show at Australia's Stone Music Festival.

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