Nicole Scherzinger's new album is packed with “motivating and inspiring” songs.

The former Pussycat Doll has been busy working on new material for her next solo release. Nicole is preparing to unleash her single Boomerang this month and hopes to unveil the album later this year. The singer has promised her latest offering will be an enriching experience for fans.

“I'm still working on the album; it's always a work in process. But for the most part, a lot of the stuff I have recorded so far is like really big dance anthems - really energetic, motivating, inspiring and fun songs,” she told MailOnline. “They are good to work out to. I've done some stuff with, who executive produced the album, and I've been in the studio with Toby Gad - we did some more mid-tempo earnest heartbreak songs. And I've worked with Dallas Austin, I was just in the studio with Afro Jack so it's going to be a good mixture.”

Nicole went on to speak further about her new track Boomerang. She felt inspired by the lyrics and says helped her realise its potential as a hit single.

“I just love the lyrics and the energy of the song. My friend Jamie Marshall wrote it and I really connected with it,” she explained. “And when played me that song I could relate to the lyrics, about coming back even stronger, and I thought he had a really cool spin on how to say that and how it feels to be resilient.”

The 34-year-old star was also quizzed on a possible collaboration with her boyfriend Lewis Hamilton.

The Formula One racing driver recently starting exploring the music industry, but Nicole has ruled out recording a track with him for now.

“I think he likes to keep his music separate so I am there just as a fan and just to support him,” she smiled.

Nicole was on the judging panel for the UK version of The X Factor last year. Although the acts she mentored finished first and second in the competition, the star isn’t sure if she will return to the show yet. She teased she is “definitely dancing around with the idea” and compared working on the reality show to being in a “jungle”.

While the star is eager to concentrate on her music career at the moment, she did express an interest in landing further movie roles in the future.

The star had a brief cameo in the 2012 film Men in Black 3, and would love to challenge herself with bigger roles.

“I'm looking at doing film, I'm reading scripts to do some more acting,” she revealed. “I would love to do a movie musical, maybe a comedy, indie or even an action film, I'd love that. Even theatre, whenever I can squeeze it in would be great.”