Jon Bon Jovi has joked owning an American football team is more expensive than having a drug problem.

The frontman of rock band Bon Jovi has amassed a fortune since bursting onto the scene in the 1980s and co-owns Arena Football League team Philadelphia Soul.

Recently it was revealed fellow musician Steven Tyler spent around $6 million on drugs in his lifetime, but Jon quipped that’s nothing compared to the losses he makes in sport.

“I own a football team; you wanna talk about losing money?!” he laughed to Australian radio show hosts Kyle and Jackie O.

“Drugs are nothing compared to football! Imagine managing Steven Tyler’s account. ‘Steve we need to talk...’ $6 million on [drugs]... All the years that I got to know him he was sober.”

Jon and bandmates David Bryan, Tico Torres and Richie Sambora are currently busy promoting their latest album with Because We Can – The Tour.

With Bon Jovi still going strong, the 51-year-old doesn’t yet need to look back and reminisce about the best times in his life.

“[What’s my greatest moment so far?] Every day; last night! We had a great show in Atlanta. I’m not on a nostalgia tour. My band is the biggest touring band on the planet, we’re doing OK,” he drily answered.

“I was [last] on a bus in 1986; I remember that. That’s the last time you put my ass on a bus! We’re so big, [John] Travolta works for me!”

Despite having a great time promoting his new music, the singer admits there are parts of touring that aren’t as fun.

The time between shows is the most difficult for Jon.

“The other 21 hours of the day can be a drag,” he admitted.

“But the show time, when you’re firing from all guns, and then you think, ‘This is not so bad’. But this is a day off from Atlanta and it’s pretty sh*tty! I’m sitting in my room, it’s not a lot of fun.”