Robbie Williams doesn’t “have a clue” why his wife Ayda Field has sent him to parenting classes.

The British singer and his spouse welcomed their daughter Theodora Rose into the world in September last year

The 38-year-old star believes he is a good father and claims he has no idea why Ayda thinks he needs to attend a support group.

"I change nappies! And I visit those mother-child-classes...” Robbie revealed to German newspaper Bild. “You meet other parents, talk about your experiences. I don't have a clue why you have to go there though… But Ayda wants it this way."

The Take That star is well known for his love of partying and living the bachelor lifestyle when he was younger. He says Theodora, or Teddy as she is affectionately known, will also have to learn life can’t always be perfect.

"Of course I did a lot of things I regret. And Teddy will make mistakes too, and will regret them,” he continued. “But when she does, we're there for her."

The star is doing a 15-date stadium tour across Europe this year.

Robbie will begin his series of shows - the first for over six years - in Manchester City Stadium in June.

He shared other projects he’s been working on, such as a clothing label, which will be coming out later this year.

"At the moment my priority is Farrell [his clothing line]. In summer it will be music again - I will go on tour,” Robbie explained. "After that I'll keep on doing fashion."