Ne-Yo says working with Beyoncé Knowles was “incredible”.

The singer songwriter-and-record producer has penned tunes for himself as well as stars including Rihanna, Leona Lewis, Whitney Houston, Céline Dion and Enrique Iglesias. He has recently been in the recording studio with Beyoncé, working on new tracks for the star’s hotly-anticipated fifth solo album. Although he doesn’t yet know if his offerings will appear on the final cut of the record, he has enjoyed the experience.

“I definitely did some sessions with and for her. I don’t know what’s going to make the album because that is a decision they make once everything is done,” he told BBC Newsbeat. “I can say it was incredible and I am looking forward to hearing what the end result is going to be.”

Beyoncé has also been working with her long-time collaborator The-Dream on the album.

He has revealed the new tracks will be upbeat, just like many of the star’s previous empowering songs.

“There's no particular sound that I think we're shooting for, we're just trying to make music that feels good," he said.

Meanwhile, it has been claimed that 31-year-old Beyoncé agreed to attend a carnival in England, but stunned by asking for a large appearance fee.

The star will be touring the UK later this year and was approached to see if she would consider going to a carnival in Essex. Organisers were thrilled when the singer registered her interest, but didn’t realise she would expect £50,000 to attend.

According to British newspaper The Sun, Beyoncé’s spokesman emailed carnival committee boss Rob Slight to say “there is a possibility Beyoncé will be available.”

It then emerged that the star wanted to be paid for the event, but the carnival could not afford the sum.

“It is apparent there is some miscommunication,” the spokesman apparently said. “Beyoncé will require an appearance fee.”

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