Ne-Yo refuses to shake anyone’s hand in the men’s room.

The 30-year-old R&B singer-and-songwriter has a code he follows when he visits public toilets.

In the past he stumbled upon a fellow celebrity musician while in one of these facilities.

He refused to introduce himself to the rapper until they both exited the bathroom.

“Kanye West. I don’t even think he saw me. He was a couple of urinals down,” Ne-Yo recalled to British newspaper The Sun.

“I wouldn’t dare run up and be like: ‘Hey!’ You don’t run up to people and try and shake their hand in the bathroom – you just don’t. I let the man do his business – and then shook his hand later on in the night. That’s toilet etiquette.”

When Ne-Yo is out of the bathroom, he manages to establish professional and personal relationships with numerous high-profile people.

He has a backup plan should his telephone ever get lost or stolen.

“I have Beyoncé [Knowles] and Jay-Z on my phone. I have Stevie Wonder’s number on my phone, LA Reid’s,” Ne-Yo shared.

“Oh yeah, I got the wipe button ready to go [if I lost it].”

Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z have extended their love to Ne-Yo’s family in the past.

The star confesses that the gift he received from them took him by surprise.

“It wasn’t exactly weird, but unexpected. When my daughter was born, this box came to my house with no name on it,” he detailed.

“And I opened it up and, you know, like a rocking horse?, this was a rocking swan. It was a little odd.

“Then I found out it was from Jay and Beyoncé – and now it’s my daughter’s favourite toy. She was afraid of it at first – but now she loves it.”