Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi thinks Wiz Khalifa and his fiancée Amber Rose will “be so obsessed with their baby.”

The rapper and the model welcomed their first son Sebastian last Thursday.

Snooki had her first child Lorenzo with fiancé Jionni LaValle last August.

The reality star has no doubt that Wiz and Amber will shock themselves by how much they adore their child.

"Wiz and Amber are going to be so surprised to find out how much they actually love their baby,” Snooki told MTV News.

“Like, yeah, you're going to love your baby a lot, but I never knew how much I would actually love a human being and I'm just obsessed with Lorenzo. So they are going to be so obsessed with their baby."

Snooki is also convinced that Amber is “going to be a great mom.”

She has advice for how Wiz can help care for Sebastian when Amber needs an extra hand.

“Watching the baby when Amber wants to get her hair done and get her nails done or even just like put on a nice outfit and do her makeup,” Snooki said.

“That's what I love best when Jionni takes Lorenzo for a little bit so I can get dolled up and just feel pretty 'cause I think that's the best thing for us new moms. We need to feel pretty.”

Snooki is up for sharing family time with the couple.

"I think that if me, Jionni and Lorenzo all hung out with Amber and Wiz and their new baby Sebastian, I think we would just all be hanging in on a Friday night instead of going out and partying," she gushed.

"Just hanging with our babies and just watching cartoons and just talking about how amazing it is to be parents."