Selena Gomez reportedly finds Justin Bieber’s over-protective nature “sweet”.

The two young stars are not dating at the moment, after experiencing problems at the end of last year. Justin apparently wants to win back Selena though and is going to great lengths to show her he has changed.

Selena caused a stir when she was seen with a new man at the recent Grammy Awards, but it’s now known her date was actually Justin’s good friend Alfredo Flores.

“Selena knows what Justin was up to. He’s made it clear that he wants her back and she knew that Alfredo was there to put in a good word for him and to fend off any unwanted attention. She didn’t mind – in fact she thought it was sweet,” an insider told Heat magazine.

Justin didn’t attend the prestigious music awards ceremony, sending Alfredo in his place to keep an eye on his ex-girlfriend.

Justin’s mother is known to want her son to reunite with Selena. He has caused a stir recently after been pictured apparently smoking marijuana and was linked to sexy singer Rihanna.

Although Selena will always have a special place in her heart for the Canadian star, it’s rumoured she isn’t sure if she can trust him properly again.

"She's been really worried about Justin and his out of control actions - even his manager, Scooter [Braun] asked Selena to step in and talk to him - so she's been trying to be supportive in the past few weeks and they've been seen together a fair bit," a source recently said.

"I think Justin was hoping there would be room for a reconciliation, but there claims seem to have blown any chance of that."