Josh Groban believes he and Michael Buble would just “hug it out” if they ever argued.

Josh is known for his easy listening tunes, while Michael impresses with romantic love songs such as Everything and the catchy Haven’t Met You Yet.

Should the two of them ever be involved in a celebrity feud, Josh believes they would find a peaceful way to sort things out.

“Hmm, he twirls that mic stand pretty well and have you seen his leg kick one the big notes?” he mused to British magazine Star.

“He’s got some moves. Give me a giant cone and I could blow him away with a big note. But I think we would hug it out.”

Josh has just released new album All That Echoes, his first since 2010.

Despite being used to the showbiz industry, the 31-year-old star has also had his fair share of embarrassing onstage moments.

“I ate a huge meal with lots of drink before a show and on the second song I was going for a big lovely note in a serious romantic song and just belched into the mic,” he laughed.

Josh has won a number of fans thanks to his music and appearances on US TVs show Ally McBeal, The Office and Glee.

The curly-haired star is happy with what he has achieved so far.

“Nobody was waiting for my first album, so I feel proud,” he smiled.

“Not for reviving the [easy listening] genre, but for paving my own path.”