fun. say lost luggage is a metaphor for the kind of year they have experienced.

The band focused on missing luggage in their latest music video for single Why Am I the One.

Over the past whirlwind of a year misplaced bags are just one of the things they have dealt with on their travels.

"We're following the path of a lost piece of luggage," multi-instrumentalist Andrew Dost told MTV, when discussing the promo. "So, this time, we're not really the star."

The Grammy-award winners' video is set in Seattle but bags get more air time than the guys in the band.

Guitarist Jack Antonoff said there is a deeper meaning they are trying to convey.

"I think there's a lot of metaphors in [the video] that you could draw with us and the past year we've had, but it's a video that I hope will make people feel very different the next time they go to the airport and give their bag away," Jack said. "It's a very serious video that, on paper, might seem a little tongue in cheek, but at least the way it's written, it's meant to be pretty deep."

The band are best known for their track We Are Young, which features Janelle Monáe. They recently revealed Rihanna was their initial choice to provide the song's vocals as she was their "muse".