Now on his fifth album, R.E.D. Ne-Yo has continued to conquer the world in his inimitable style.

Prior to attending the BRIT Awards yesterday he spoke exclusively to at the Four Seasons hotel in Park Lane and discussed the future of RnB as he saw it. asked him "Beyonce recently stated that she wants to bring back RnB, that is something you have you have in common, what can we expect?"

"I'm definitely going to throw my hat into the ring, and try to find out what the evolution od RnB is because I definitely think it needs to evolve from what it was. While at the same time never forgetting where it came from but just trying to figure out what the next step is."

"I definitely feel like trying my hand at that, with names that instantly come to mind are Miguel and Frank Ocean, I love what there doing the leaps and bounds they're taking. Trying to switch up the sound a little bit taking the old and mixing it with the new. I'm just tring to figure out what the next step is, it nedds it. In order for the genre to survive it has to evolve."

Check out the whole uncut exclusive interview below.

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