Harry Styles has reportedly “always liked” UK correspondent Billie JD Porter.

The One Direction crooner split from American country singer Taylor Swift in December after a brief romance.

Harry and Taylor dated in early 2012 for a short while, but their romance ended after he apparently engaged in a relationship with an Australian model.

Their second shot at romance was reignited last autumn, but the bond didn’t last as Harry and Taylor split over the holidays after apparently getting into a huge argument while vacationing in the British Virgin Islands.

It appears that Harry is taking a similar approach to wooing Billie, a reporter for Britain’s TV programme The Joy Of Teen Sex on the C4 network.

The pair were seen with each other at London venue The Box on Sunday night.

Onlookers say that sparks were flying between Harry and Billie all night.

“Harry’s always liked Billie — he’s had his eye on her for a while,” a source told British newspaper The Sun.

“They’ve flirted with each other before but on Sunday night things really clicked.”

Harry confirmed in a recent interview with radio station Capital FM that he has fully moved on from his breakup with Taylor.

"I'm OK, thank you for asking," he said.

"I'm good."

The star isn’t bothered by all of the interest in his love life at the moment.

"I understand why people would wanna know stuff like that, I get it. If someone does stuff like that then I wanna know about it, too," Harry revealed.

"I guess it just kind of. . . It is what it is, I guess."