Rihanna was reportedly more content with remaining in her backstage Winnebago than celebrating her debut fashion line.

The star’s new collection for British retailer River Island had a catwalk show during London Fashion Week Saturday night at The Old Sorting Office in Central London.

Apparently Rihanna was stationed primarily in her private RV on site throughout the night.

The vehicle is said to have been fully stocked with a plethora of junk food, expensive candles and alcohol and staff at the event were banned from coming within 50ft of it.

Rihanna made a brief appearance on the catwalk after the show ended, but darted back to her trailer soon after.

“She kept everyone waiting for a whole hour for the fashion show to start and only made the briefest appearance at the end. If you’d blinked, you’d have missed her,” a source told UK newspaper The Sun.

“Everybody was expecting her to at least show her face for a few minutes at the afterparty, but she clearly couldn’t be bothered.”

Instead Rihanna opted to hang out with her girlfriends, supermodels Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn.

The young ladies visited sex shops in London’s SoHo neighbourhood.

“Rihanna really wanted to go inside to check it out. She wanted to look at the ‘toys’ and see if there were any harnesses she could use to accessorise her looks and was after a PVC mini,” the insider revealed.

“She sent one of her entourage out the next day to get her some bits.”

Rihanna’s line has had mixed reviews, with The Daily Beast critic Tom Sykes dubbing the clothes as “a horror show”.

The singer’s leg sustained a minor bleeding cut after someone threw a bottle at her as she traipsed through London. Apparently the attacker was screaming at her regarding her relationship with rumoured boyfriend Chris Brown, who was convicted of assaulting her.