Geri Halliwell is reportedly struggling to sleep and eat following her love split.

The Spice Girls star is apparently heartbroken after being dumped by gambling firm tycoon Anton Kaszubowski. Geri was believed to have been smitten with the businessman and has taken the breakup badly.

“Geri’s gutted – she hoped Anton was The One. But he seemed to feel things were moving too fast and didn’t want a serious relationship, so he told her it was over two weeks ago,” a source told British magazine Closer. “She’s cried a lot and has been struggling to sleep and eat. When she does eat, she’ll only have salad without dressing. Her friends are worried about her because she’s shrunk from a [UK] size 8 to a skinny size 6.”

The 40-year-old star is believed to have been introduced to Anton by mutual friends at a Christmas party last year. Just last month, the pair were spotted jetting off on a romantic winter mini-break from a London airport. However, it seems Anton got cold feet after Geri - who has a six-year-old daughter Bluebell from a previous relationship - started talking about their future together.

“Geri was inviting Anton to lots of events way down the line and wanted him to be part of Bluebell’s life, which he found a bit too much,” an insider revealed.

Geri did her best to put on a brave face as she attended the Viva Forever! cocktail launch last week in the UK. However, it was clear she was a shadow of her usually bubbly self.

“Geri’s eyes were puffy and she looked as if she’d been crying. She didn’t touch any of the canapés,” an onlooker said.