Carrie Underwood had to use an oxygen mask to get through her concert on Thursday night.

The 29-year-old songstress was performing in Broomfield, Colorado on Valentine’s Day.

The altitude had her feeling winded and she took to Instagram to share a snap of herself with a surprising new accessory to help her breathe through the show.

“In high altitudes, they put oxygen in my dressing room under the stage! This is me before the encore," she wrote.

Carrie got through her set list and the encore without a problem.

She later took to Twitter to thank fans for caring enough about her music to see her.

“Thanks, Colorado, for the wonderful energy over the last two shows! I can always tell when I'm in a great place full of great people,” she penned.

Carrie tweeted earlier about being parted from her husband, Mike Fisher, on the romantic holiday.

She gushed about receiving a special gift from him before taking the stage.

“I got to my hotel room this morning to find roses from my sweet Valentine waiting for me. I am such a lucky lady! Happy V-Day everyone!” she wrote.

Carrie is coming down from a critically lauded performance at last weekend’s Grammy Awards.

The country music darling performed her hits Two Black Cadillacs and Blown Away at the prestigious ceremony in Los Angeles.

It was her dress that really caused a spectacle. Carrie’s floor-sweeping gown was used as a projection screen, which lit up with various vignettes while she sang.