Jenny McCarthy has joked she "brushed her teeth 100 times" after sharing her first kiss, which left her "crying on [her] porch".

A host of stars relived their very first romantic encounter to mark this year's Valentine's Day.

Jenny - who had a high-profile relationship with Jim Carrey that ended in 2010 - has recalled her first kissing experience, and admits it left much to be desired.

"I do remember my first kiss. It was Gary Manzo, which is also my password on everything, by the way. He was four inches shorter than me and the worst kisser ever. He just did this washing machine thing with his tongue," the 40-year-old star quipped in an interview with MTV News.

"And I remember running home and brushing my teeth 100 times and then crying on my porch saying, 'I'd never do that again ever.'"

American singer Jewel also revealed that her first romantic experience wasn't much better.

The blonde star, 38, has defended the encounter though, claiming nobody's first kiss is ever the fairytale they'd hoped for.

"I do remember my first kiss," she cringed when asked to recall.

"It was in a hay barn, of all clichés. I'm trying to remember his name, AC or something like that. No, is anybody's first kiss good? I don't think so; it's awful. It's a horrible sea urchin experience of exploratory tongues and it's just not fun."