Jenny McCarthy's talk show was "a little too sexy" for Josh Groban, so he pulled out of appearing.

The American star has gone all out to ensure her new VH1 series is different to others currently on offer. To help with this, she has employed go-go dancers to provide some on-set entertainment.

Singer/songwriter Josh was booked to appear on Jenny's first episode, but decided against it after seeing the scantily-clad females.

"He did show up, [but] I think the go-go dancers [his team] took a look at and thought they were a little too sexy for their taste," Jenny told Access Hollywood.

"Five minutes before my first show taping, [Josh’s] team removed him."

While others might have found proceedings stressful, Jenny just rolled with punches. She convinced her make-up artist sister JoJo to step into Josh's shoes and then binned her original script and ad-libbed.

The star is on a mission to make The Jenny McCarthy Show more exciting than any other programme. She hopes having pretty performers will aid her mission to "bright some sexy back" and joked that other talk show stars will soon be looking to her for tips.

"I feel like — even though Jay Leno is sexy and all — I wanted to bring some sexy girls like you’d see in a nightclub," she laughed. "My show is very much like a nightclub – we have a bartender, a DJ, so I thought let’s have some go-go dancers, dressed the same as you see in Vegas. Kind of cabaret style."

Jenny has previously discussed who her dream talk show guest would be. She has been open about her appreciation of Bradley Cooper on numerous occasions and believes she now has the perfect way to snare him.

"I’d like to have him on the show and then sleep with him," she laughed. "He is delicious, and he’s a really nice guy... He’s a very, very, very sweet [guy]… There’s no cockiness to him, he’s just super sweet."