Mariah Carey and her husband Nick Cannon will be trying for a baby this Valentine's Day.

The stars already have 21-month-old twins Moroccan and Monroe together and Nick has explained that the couple are now ready to add to their brood.

The radio-and-TV host revealed to New York Daily News that the February 14 holiday will be spent “[making] some more babies".

“We definitely got a babysitter for Valentine’s Day. Those are the special moments. I am a hopeless romantic and so is my wife," he added.

Mariah and Nick have been married since 2008 and last week the 32-year-old star revealed that they always make sure they treat each other on the loved-up occasion.

“We do something big every year, I'm plotting and planning right now - I've got to make sure I do something big," he told Extra.

Nick also spoke about his relationship with daughter Monroe and son Moroccan. The star insisted that both he and Mariah are "stern" parents.

“My kids - it’s a blessing - they’re extremely disciplined. They try [misbehaving] with other people because everyone gives them so much attention, but when it comes to my wife and I, we only have to say something once. We ask them to have a seat, they sit down, cross their legs and put their hands in their lap. I hope it lasts!” he laughed.

“I’ve got the loudest voice in the house, so they’ve always responded to that ever since they were newborns. They hear my voice and they freeze.”