Sharon Osbourne will not allow fire to be present on her property.

Last month her and husband Ozzy’s Beverly Hills mansion went up in flames.

The local fire department was called to the residence at approximately 4:25a.m. after the couple fell asleep before extinguishing a candle which exploded in its glass vase and sparked a small fire in their living room.

Rocker Ozzy, 64, singed his hair and injured his hand while trying to put out the blaze.

To prevent a catastrophe like this from occurring again, Sharon has banned anything that burns from her home.

"No more candles," she told TMZ. "Only in church!"

Firefighters were able to extinguish the blaze before it caused significant damage.

Ozzy’s hand was bandaged after the rocker underwent surgery on it. He suffered further injury to the appendage while fighting the fire before help arrived.

Sharon recalled the incident on her US chat show The Talk shortly after the event.

"At five o'clock [in the morning], I heard a noise like metal had fallen. I thought it was my housekeeper coming in and she had dropped her keys on the tiles, that's what it sounded like, so I didn't pay any attention. A few minutes later, my eyes are stinging and my throat's closing up, [I thought], 'Something's weird smelling in here,' " she said

"[Ozzy] made his hand worse, it started to bleed, the whole nine yards, and I'm sorry and I love you and I will never light a candle again.”