Dave Grohl thinks that music is essential to “the human element of communication”.

The Foo Fighters frontman has been immersed in work surrounding his new documentary Sound City and just premiered the movie about a legendary Los Angeles music studio at the Sundance Film Festival.

Dave believes that musicians making music organically is essential to the creative process.

“The studio might have become obsolete and disappeared, but what we’re talking about in the film will never be obsolete,” he explained to British newspaper The Sun.

“The human element of communication through music will never go away because we’re not robots.

“And it’s important for the next generation to know it’s not about going on a TV show and getting spotted. You need to fall in love with music and experience it, want to form a band and everything that goes with that.”

Dave shares two daughters, Violet, six, and Harper, three, with his wife Jordyn Blum.

The star hopes that his girls will be exposed to numerous genres of music as they grow older.

“It’s so important that kids know about real music,” Dave said.

“Though I would never argue with Violet over her taste in music.

“My wonderful saint of a mother never ever told me what to listen to or what not to listen to, ever.”