Prince has used his mysterious new social media character, 3rd Eye Girl, to release his second new website in less than a month, complete with a brand new song called ‘Breakfast Can Wait’.

After several years without any official online presence, Prince is seemingly storming back onto the scene in 2013, with last month seeing the arrival of the supposed bootlegger “3rd Eye Girl” to Facebook and Twitter, who immediately “leaked” a number of unofficial tracks and videos, including a new song (that has since disappeared), called ‘Same Page, Different Book’. This was quickly followed by the official release of the new single ‘Screwdriver’ and the launch of what looked to be his new official website,

Now we have a new month, a new song and apparently a new website. All using the curiously vague instruction, “Do Something”, 3rd Eye Girl and various other members of the purple camp sent fans charging to on Tuesday night, where four tracks were available for purchase at 88c (US) each. The site promptly crashed under the strain of hungry Prince fans, but was up again shortly afterwards.

Available for purchase are two versions of the garage-rock-sounding ‘Screwdriver’, one being the version unveiled on his website last month and released on iTunes on Monday. The other is labelled a remix, but is really another version of the song, and at over six minutes long, certainly offers value for money for the scrupulous purple investor.

There’s also a remix of ‘Rock And Roll Love Affair’ on the site, which Prince released in November last year. Several club mixes were included on the CD single at the time, credited to Jamie Lewis, but again, this is more than simply a remix and is clearly done by the Purple One himself.

‘Breakfast Can Wait’ is the brand new single, a chilled jam that reveals a side of Prince we haven’t heard from in a while, containing lines like, “I know you’re late, but I need another taste, Breakfast can wait.”

In the meantime, the original website has been blacked out, with nothing left for now except the title, “Coming Soon” in the header.

According to reports on Twitter last week, there have been some music videos filmed at Prince’s Paisley Park Studios very recently, which will hopefully surface soon.

It’s shaping up to be another big couple of months for Prince, who will be presenting an award at the Grammys this weekend (no word on whether or not he will also perform) and is rumoured to be making an appearance on the US talk show ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ on 1/3/13, although this is yet to be confirmed.

Less than a week later, on March 7, over 20 artists will pay tribute to Prince at Carnegie Hall, including Elvis Costello, Blind Boys of Alabama, Waterboys, Booker T and The Roots.

According to Billboard, Prince will be in attendance at the tribute event, the proceeds of which will provide funding for music education through various charities and institutions.

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