Mick Fleetwood recently told BBC 6 Music that he and Lindsey Buckingham wrote new material to get Stevie Nicks interested in once again working with Fleetwood Mac.

“We wanted her to know we wanted to make some new music and we had some great songs,” Fleetwood said, “but her mother died not too long after and it wasn’t the time for her to do any singing, so we dropped it. Then recently she’s sung on three of them and recorded one original song of hers, so we’re going to mix these songs down and there’ll be something that we will play hopefully on stage.”

The group kicks off a world tour in April that will also see them take on Europe late in the summer.

Their sets each night will include a couple of the new songs and fans can expect to see the songs released on-line with a new album possible in the future. “I hope there’s a demand for it”, Fleetwood said.

Fleetwood also hopes that he can bring Christine McVie back into the fold. McVie left the group in 1998 and Mick is working with the singer on her long held fear of flying. He told Britain’s Sun “I’m seeing Chris here in London before I leave and even though she loathes flying and she’s never been back to the United States since the day she left, she is getting on a plane and flying to Hawaii with me. I’m going to hold her hand all the way, even if I have to handcuff it.

“She’s going to come and stay for three weeks in Maui. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it. John’s going to come over from Honolulu to see her and then she’s going to LA to see Stevie, who misses her terribly and is really excited to see her.

“But it’ll be her decision. But we’d make her very welcome if she wanted to creep on that stage again.”

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