Rita Ora has joked Simon Cowell wears “flares”.

Recently it was revealed the music mogul uses unusual methods to appear taller, including two-inch Cuban heel shoes and a special “booster cushion” while sitting on the Britain’s Got Talent judging panel.

Although Rita is sceptical about the claims, she quipped the 53-year-old TV star has a passion for 1970s flared trousers.

“I mean, I did see that picture [of the cushion] but maybe he just wanted to keep his bum comfy; maybe there was heat in the seat!” she laughed to UK radio hosts Dave Berry and Lisa Snowdon.

“No, I don’t believe in the Cuban heels. The last time I saw him he had flares on. They weren’t tight on the shoes, they were loose!”

The 22-year-old singer rarely makes a mistake when it comes to style, most recently sporting heeled Alexander Wang lace-up boots during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week.

The blonde star also has a few ways to ensure she always looks her best.

“One trick that I use... OK, I’m not gonna lie; there’s a fan that I always have on stage that makes me not sweat when I’m on stage,” she confessed.

“Because I do sweat; I would be drenched! I just admitted that live on air! There are more tricks, but I’m not telling you.”