Primal Scream have announced that their tenth studio album, More Light, will be released on May 6.

The news came during an interview on BBC Radio 6 with band member Bobby Gillespie on Friday morning. Along with the title and release date, Gillespie said that the album would include guest appearances from Robert Plant and Mark Stewart (The Pop Group) and would be produced by David Holmes.

According to Gillespie, one of the keys to the new album is the band swearing off of drugs. gThe thing is, nobodyfs fucked up anymore. We were a bit erratic before, now wefre consistently good. Primal Scream never gave up, we never split, we kept going. No matter whether people liked us, laughed at us, loved us or hated us. Thatfs what happens when you have a career, you make records people love and others they donft but you keep going. But if it ended tomorrow, wefd all be proud to go out on this record. I feel validated as an artist because of it.h

Gillespie had previous described the record: gItfs a rock enf roll record, but modern rock enf roll. Pretty psychedelic rock, itfs kind of guitar-driven but we use guitars in an orchestral way.h

More Light is a followup to 2008Œs Beautiful Future.

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